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Finding the best gym in Victoria (for you!)

When it comes to gyms in Victoria, you've got quite a few choices. From rec centres to full scale commercial gyms like Goodlife and Fitness World, Victoria has a lot to offer for new or ongoing gym members. But what makes a gym the best fit for you personally?

What I often look for in a gym is the sense of community that I feel when I walk in the doors. Are there a lot of people all training doing their own thing, or is there positive interaction taking place between the members? Is it a sterile businesslike environment or are people encouraged to interact and work together?

I definitely like the feeling of belonging to a crew and actually knowing who I'm training with. I find that a lot more rewarding than just being another barcode scanning into a large commercial gym.

Next you need to consider what type of support are you getting from the trainers - are they there on hand to guide you? Are you expected to buy big money PT packages up front just to get some fitness advice? Or are you part of a bootcamp style class in which the instructor has little background in fitness and is also having to deal with a LOT of people all at once?

At Just Move, we have professional strength, conditioning, and fitness coaches who are fully involved in the fitness sphere. Our classes are basically small group personal training sessions at a much more affordable price... meaning that you get proper instruction on your technique, encouragement through your sessions, and your coach actually knows your name!

Lastly, I like to think about whether I'm supporting a large corporate entity or a local, unique small business. Just Move is one of a kind, there is no corporate office or divisional managers, just our team of coaches. Your membership with us means a lot more than a number on a spreadsheet, and I think you'll feel that as soon as you come in the door.

So no matter where your fitness journey takes you, we hope you find success. And if you want to try out one of Victoria's best gyms, then give us a shot, and we'll help you along in your pursuit of better fitness, health, and performance.

See you soon



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