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How to Stretch Your Hips At Home

The 2020 holiday season has been a shake up from our normal end of year routines. Usually there is shopping to be done, turkeys to cook, relatives to visit and plenty of beautiful displays to take in walking around town. If you are like me, you have likely been sitting more this holiday season than you normally would.

With that sitting comes: hip, hamstring and low back tightness. Below is a brief explanation of why this tightness comes and how to make it go away!

How Sitting Leads To Hip Tightness

When seated our hips and knees are bent. This means that when we are sitting our hamstring and hip flexors are in a shortened position. When we do this for long periods of times our muscles tighten up.

Our hip flexors attach onto the front of our pelvis and our hamstrings attach onto the back of our pelvis. When both of these muscles are tight, we end up with a tug of war on either side of our pelvis, leading to pain and discomfort.

Fixing The Issue:

**A disclaimer: if you are having serious back pain or issues with your hips you should seek professional help from an athletic therapist (AT) or physiotherapist (PT)**

Warming Up: prior to beginning any stretching routine it's important to do a warm up to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injury. Below is a short warm up that you can complete before jumping into a lower body stretching routine:

3 Rounds:

Hip Flexor Stretching 3 x 1 min per side

Progression 2: Runners Lunge

Progression 3: Couch Stretch

Hamstring Stretching 3 x 1min per side

Progression 1: Hurdlers Stretch

Progression 2: Down Dog (1min only)

Groin Stretching 3 x 1min

Progression 1: Wide Leg Child's Pose

Progression 2: Butterfly

Progression 3: Frogger (30sec per side)

Low Back Stretch: 3 x 1min

Progression 1: Child's Pose

Progression 2: Cat/Cow

Progression 3: Cobra

This entire sequence should take you approximately 21-25min to complete

3-5min Warm Up

6min Hip Flexors

6min Hamstring

3min Groin

3min Low Back

You can do set 1 of all stretches, then once you've completed all stretches go through sets 2 and 3. This whole sequence should have you walking on clouds!

See you soon!

Coach Mylan

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