Cam Birtwell

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Mylan Clairmont


Michelle Birtwell


Cam started his fitness training early on - writing his first program at the age of 15 (way back in 1993!).  Since then he's written more programs and trained more people than he can remember... and he isn't stopping anytime soon!  

With JSTMV, Cam is looking forward to helping even more people get healthy and fit, while enjoying the process!  He truly believes that moving well and moving often are the best medicines for our minds and bodies.

Mylan started running bootcamps for his mom and her friends when he was 16, since then he’s received a masters degree in strength and conditioning, worked with international athletes and helped clients lose over 60 pounds.  Now - he’s bringing his expertise to JustMove!  Mylan brings a fun and practical approach to fitness, prioritizing movements patterns and habit changes that are both realistic and sustainable.  Anyone who has trained with Mylan can attest to his sense of humour, keen coaches eye and positive energy.  The only downside is the puns.

Michelle participated in a variety of sports growing up in Kingston Ontario.  She found CrossFit in 2009 and has trained up to participating in the Regionals competition as well as local events.  Since having her two boys, she is back training hard again and loves moving with intensity and variety.  A Registered Massage Therapist, Michelle knows how the body moves and is well respected for her ability to restore healthy pain free motion in her clients at Fix Healthcare.