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Step into our community with two full body sessions per week!  This is a great option to get started with if you are just getting into workouts.

Take hold of your fitness with three challenging workouts per week!  This allows more check ins with coaches throughout the week and more practice at what humans were meant to do - MOVE!

Fitness, 6 days a week!  Get a mix of our strength, circuit, and spin classes to maximize your results.


Work with your coach to set objectives and habits that fit your lifestyle and goals.  By using our in house body composition scan, we can see objective changes in your body composition and metabolic rate as you move forwards.

Your coach will set calories and/or macros for you on a monthly basis, or if it works better for your lifestyle, food substitutions and healthy habits will form the basis of your plan.

This plan is offered with the expectation of a 3 month commitment to make sure you get the best out of your personal nutrition coaching experience!

$190 + gst per month

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