Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done a group fitness class before, do I need experience training to start?

Our classes are designed to be scaled up or down to each individual's level of experience.  So as you get more experienced, the challenge of our classes will increase with you!

I have a shoulder/back/knee issues, is JustMove right for me?

If this is a new injury we recommend being assessed by a healthcare professional.  However, if this is a chronic issue our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in providing safe alternatives to work around your injuries.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes!  Our staff of coaches do offer personal training, please email for more information.  

How much is each class?

This depends on how often you train!  At JustMove we want to incentivize commitment and community, our classes range from $12.50 per class for a 3 days/week membership up to to $20.00 per class for a drop in.  If you are unsure, a punchcard is a great place to start!

How is JustMove handling social distancing and COVID-19 precautions?

We meet or in many cases surpass all provincial guidelines.  Please visit our COVID-19 Precautions page for more details.

I have another question - who do I ask?

No worries!  Email your question to or shoot us a message on instagram @justmoveyyj