Just like you - we put a lot of thought into what our "new normal" will look like.  We have consulted with health care professionals in constructing a space that both meets or exceeds all provincial guidelines.  We are always open to improving our practices!  If you have questions regarding our protocols please email Mylan Clairmont at info@jstmv.com.

Our current protocols **UPDATED JUNE 14TH**

- Members must wear masks at all time while inside our facility.

- Upon entering, all members are checked for symptoms and provided with hand sanitizer.

- Members have assigned workout stations, which are 2 meters away from the next closest workout stations.  i.e. when standing in the middle of your station you are 3-4m away from any other member or coach at all times.

- Low intensity work will be done indoors masked and distanced, high intensity work will be done outdoors, distanced with masks optional.

- All coaches wear a mask while coaching classes. 

- No equipment is shared within a session.

- All equipment is sanitized between sessions.

- Class sizes are capped at 6 members per session starting Wednesday June 16th.

**We are constantly searching for better ways to help serve our community and prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We aim to be the best space in Victoria for you to stay safe and #sweathappy!